The expert spoke about the increasing numbers of migrants from Venezuela

© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Znamenskiye. Archival photoThe expert spoke about the increasing numbers of migrants from Venezuela© RIA Novosti / Dmitry Znamenskiy

The number of Venezuelans who left the country due to economic problems, by the end of the year could reach four million people, said Tuesday the Director of programs for the Andean region, North America and the Caribbean of the Center for justice and international law (Cejil) Francisco Quintana.

According to him, this forecast is based on data collected more than 70 civil society organizations. «Over the past year Venezuela has left 1.5 million people. There are no precedents in any part of the world. In Syria for four or five years has left six million people. In Myanmar rohinga million left the country, but in nearly 10 years,» said Quintana EFE.

Now, according to Cejil, about two million Venezuelans live in Colombia, half a million in Peru, the same in Ecuador, approximately 120 thousand in Argentina.

«We are talking about approximately 12% of the population of Venezuela, which may be out of the country this year. Thanks to the measures taken by the government of Nicolas Maduro, we think that the flow of migrants will continue with the same rhythm that we’ve seen so far,» — said Quintana.