The former head of anti-corruption units of the interior Ministry in the Urals denounced for a bribe

© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Sterotypical in fotomontagen hammer. Archival photoThe former head of anti-corruption units of the interior Ministry in the Urals denounced for a bribe© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Sterotypically the image Bank

Verkh-Isetskiy district court of Ekaterinburg has sentenced to 2,5 years of a colony the former head of Department of counteraction of corruption UMVD of the city of Igor, Gaidukevich-Sokolka for bribery and fraud, according to the regional Prosecutor’s office.

According to investigators, on 9 September 2017, Gaidukevich-Sokoluk through the intermediary received from a local resident 100 thousand rubles for the stop and seizure of the vehicle with the trailer and the cargo, and for arranging the inspection of the two commercial companies.

A month later, a policeman suggested the inhabitant of Ekaterinburg to give him 500 thousand rubles as a bribe employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs on transport, so they allegedly stopped to investigate excited against him a criminal case, although, according to the prosecution, a real opportunity to fulfill the promise he had to do was not going. After receiving the money, the chief anti-corruption unit of Ministry of internal Affairs were arrested, said the Agency.

«Verkh-Isetskiy district court of Ekaterinburg has appointed Igor, Gaidukevich-Cocoloco punishment in the form of 2 years 6 months of imprisonment with serving in a corrective colony of General regime, with a fine in the amount of 220 thousand rubles», – stated in the message.

As reported by RIA Novosti the representative of the regional Central Directorate of interior Ministry Valery Burnt, 21 November 2017, Gaidukevich-Sokaluk was dismissed for negative motives for an act discrediting honour of the representative of the internal Affairs bodies. «In order to prevent this kind of emergency, the verdict will be communicated to all personnel as part of their training,» he said.