«This is hell». In the Crimea, a veteran of the great Patriotic war freezes in the apartment without heating

© Photo : from personal archive of Catherine Demonologist Z. Krajewski«This is hell». In the Crimea, a veteran of the great Patriotic war freezes in the apartment without heating© Photo : from personal archive of Catherine Demina

In the Crimean town of Alupka 95-year-old WWII veteran freezes in their own home. In the apartment, crammed with Alexander Z. Krajewski with his wife, no heating, in winter, the temperature in a residential area goes down to ten degrees. In the past year from the cold burst pipes — older people three days were without water. Each night is given to Alexander Zakharovich harder than seventy years ago in the trenches. In the cold bedridden veteran sleeping in a jacket, hat, under three blankets but still freezing. Winter is coming, and volunteers fear that another season of the invalid of the first group simply will not survive.

«Almost died from frostbite»

«Alexander Z. freeze, night asks to cover him with a blanket and a blanket, although the street-zero temperature, and in the Crimea, velvet season. Dread to think what will happen when we come to the cold,» the wife of Alexander Kievskogo Victoria is almost crying into the phone.

He almost never speaks and fourth year does not get out of bed — feet. The wife suggests that the effects of frostbite. He once almost died from the cold. It was in Leningrad — then Alexander Krizhevsky, commander of the 71st independent guards signal company 45th infantry division of the red banner was shot in the leg, almost a day spent on the snow in forty-degree frost.

«For him, even the nurse was sent to collect the body from the battlefield. Thought — once the stiffening has started, then dead. Orderly for the sake of decided to feel the market pulse and felt a faint beating. Somehow Sasha with a knife pried the stiff mouth to pour alcohol. Even the blade of the knife broke» — recounts memories of her husband Vic Krajewska.

In the hospital, boots cut, saw the black feet of Alexander Z. and immediately began to prepare him for amputation. The forecasts were bad — gangrene.

«Then he was transferred to the position of the chief of the children’s colony. Ten years Sasha was transferred from one correctional facility to another. And when he retired, decided to go to the Crimea. The fact that his daughter from his first marriage was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease. The doctors recommended the girl healing Crimean air,» explains Viktoriya Viktorovna.

Alexander Z. was first in Yalta, then in Alupka. Even being retired, he never stopped working — got a job as a Deputy chief for educational Affairs in children’s sanatorium.

The fact that when the veteran was rapidly deteriorating health and he fell ill, his share in the apartment on Lenin street Kryzewski rewrote the spouse. Now in the administration think: if he is not the owner of this apartment, hence, to improve the living conditions here is not necessary.

«I remember about Alexander Z. only 9 may and 22 June. Come with greetings students, members bring food packages. However, because in this situation he needs not only warmth, but also physical. This is why they forget» — hot volunteer.

Having received no help from officials, Demina decided to ask businessmen: «I wrote letters to the Directors of six major Crimean hotels, the answer came to only one. Now the management of this hotel monthly allocated grandpa’s financial help, but you have to spend to purchase personal hygiene products. Sounds crazy, but even the diapers of bedridden veteran not to be!»

«No gas, use heater»

In a press-service of administration of Yalta about the plight of the veteran don’t know. «We have no duty to monitor the lives of all grandparents in the area,» threw in a tube. To receive the operative comment from the chief of the Department of social policy Anatoly Shamugia, which we were advised to contact, also did not work for the whole day not one call he never answered.

Heaters, please specify at Kryzewski is. Bought them the Deputy of Yalta city Council Leri Svanidze. However, says Viktoriya V., to heat the room with holes in the walls they can’t.

The letter ends hopefully: «the city Administration of Yalta will continue to assist Alexander Z. Krajewska in solving its domestic issues.» Was the document was in March 2018.

And the old man still waiting. If you can not find the sponsor, the chances that they will have heating, a little. As explained RIA Novosti the head of the territorial body Alupka Ilya Makarov, gas heating in the town of no one, electric for pensioners too expensive.

«We gave them disposable, but they did not include due to electricity savings. We know this family for several years puzzled over how to help them. If Alexander Z. has not Director’s wife, we would have to pay him financial assistance for the improvement of living conditions. But since he is not the owner of the apartment, according to the law can not do it. We don’t forget, always helpful products, processing all payments, which he put as a war veteran. The issue of relocation, unfortunately, too, we do not decide — it is responsible for the administration of Yalta. Know that there is working on a solution to the problem. But while to do anything,» shrugs the official.