Auto asked the Committee of the state Duma to support the reform of the insurance

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A number of auto experts appealed to the head of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov proposals to support reform of the CTP, including the liberalization of tariff and changes in the definition of the coefficient «bonus-Malus» (KBM). The text of the letter to Aksakov sent to the parliamentary hearings in the state Duma by CTP on September 13, reviewed RIA Novosti.

Currently, the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Russia prepared the first phase of liberalization of the insurance. So, the Central Bank has developed draft guidance which proposes to extend the tariff corridor in the CTP, to change the system of calculation of KBM and the coefficient of the age-experience (FAC). The bill of the Ministry of Finance envisages the abolition of the two factors of territory and power, as well as the introduction of a number of individual driver factors.

«Good drivers should cease to subsidize the poor. Everyone has to pay in accordance with their experience, skills, style of driving and potential risks when using a car. Of insurance in most developed European countries; and we’d really like to see in our country acted the same principle of justice,» the letter reads avtoekspertov, among which the coordinator of the «Society of blue buckets» Peter Shkumatov, partner of the Agency «AUTOSTAT» Igor Morzharetto and others (only 7 people).

An experienced driver is now considered to be any driver over the age of 22 years, whose driving experience is three years, experts say. «It’s clear that the driver is 23 years with an experience of 3 years and the driver of 30 years with experience of driving of 10 years, under other equal circumstances represent very different degree of danger on the road and have to pay for insurance different amounts», — the letter says.

Experts explain that in Russia, about 80% accident-free drivers, for which the prices after the liberalization of tariff OSAGO should be reduced. So this happened in Germany, they point out.

Experts also suggest to support the change in the system of the MSC. So, the Central Bank plans to switch to annual the procedure of its calculation (now KBM is calculated on the date of expiration of the last contract CTP).