Barijat Typhoon hit the coast of China

© AP Photo / Aaron FavilaДождь during a Typhoon. Archival photoBarijat Typhoon hit the coast of China© AP Photo / Aaron Favila

Typhoon Barijat, 23rd this year, fell Thursday morning on the city of Zhanjiang in South China’s Guangdong province, said the national meteorological center of China.

The Typhoon reached the coast of China at 8.30 (3.30 GMT), wind power in its center reached 10 points (of 25 meters per second).

As reported by meteorologists, in the next day in Guangdong province and the surrounding areas will go heavy rains, therefore it is recommended to be extremely careful not to be in coastal and mountain areas where you can go landslides.

The province evacuated to safe areas more than 12 thousand people, a ferry service between the island of Hainan and Guangdong province across the Hainan (Qiongzhou) suspended.

Barijat Typhoon hit the coast of China© Infographical worst natural disasters of the XXI century