Exhibition of Vasily Slonova at the Winery continues to work after the pogrom

© Photo : courtesy of the press service of Visavadar for contemporary art WINERY. Archive photoExhibition of Vasily Slonova at the Winery continues to work after the pogrom© Photo : courtesy of the press service of the Winery

The exhibition «heavenly Jerusalem» of the artist Vasily Slonova in the gallery «11.12» on the Winery, part of the exhibits which were damaged on Wednesday, continues to work, reported RIA Novosti on Thursday, Director of gallery Alexander Sharov.

On Wednesday, four men and one woman poured works by Vasily Slonov paint. Balls told RIA Novosti that will sue for the damages.

«We have a case in the process, we filed a report on damage to works by Vasily Slonov and for damages. The statement I wrote, artist and employee who was injured. We are waiting for the criminal case against the people who staged the pogrom, especially since they publicly stated about his involvement in the disruption of exhibition… They’re not going to get what they wanted. The exhibition will continue,» said Balls.

He noted that now in the gallery is the acrid smell of the paint, so employees and visitors will need a respirator.

The exhibition Slonova «heavenly Jerusalem» opens on Tuesday. As reported by organizers, this «artistic materialization of the author’s thoughts about the fate of the world in General, and the curve on the fate of Russian civilization, in particular.» Elephants in the project concludes that «the historical Genesis of any nation, of any nation is not worth a damn if it’s not storming the heavenly Jerusalem.»