For the first time in 90 years in the Orthodox Church in Tokyo will raise the bells

© 2018 AFP / Yoshikazu Tipulid in Tokyo, Japan. Archival photoFor the first time in 90 years in the Orthodox Church in Tokyo will raise the bells© 2018 AFP / Yoshikazu Tsuno

For the first time since 1928 in the Orthodox Church Tokyo resurrection Cathedral — began raising the bells, said to RIA Novosti, Archimandrite Gerasim (Shevtsov).

«The last time the bells in the Church was raised exactly 90 years ago. During a strong earthquake in 1923, the Church was severely damaged, the bell tower collapsed, and all the bells were killed. After the temple was rebuilt, one bell for the new bell tower was brought from a Church in Hakodate, it was cast in Moscow in 1884, and five cast in Poland 14 September 1928,» — said Archimandrite Gerasim.

To raise 11 new bells.

«You ever heard Rostov chimes or the Trinity-Sergius Lavra?— said father Gerasim to the question, what was the reason for the creation and raising of new bells. – Well, we were a little sad still. The kit was very modest, and ringing Nikorai-up left much to be desired. So we invited last year ringer of the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra, father Abbot Anthony (Zinin), he listened and said we need 11 more to the normal bells ringing».

The bells were cast in February of this year in the Yaroslavl region master Nikolay Shuvalov. On one of the bells is the inscription in Japanese.

«In my opinion, this is the first time in the history of the Japanese Orthodox Church the inscription on such a large bell is in Japanese. The inscription reads: «with the blessing of Archbishop of Tokyo Metropolitan of All Japan Daniel in February of 2018 at the expense of the gentlemen of Gregory and Galina Hattori cast bells master Nikolay Shuvalov,» — said Archimandrite Gerasim.

The couple Hattori were very religious people and in 1969 left a will in favor of the Japanese Orthodox Church. It was on the money bells were cast.

Thursday will be not only the rise of new bells. «Three of the six that are on the tower now, we are going to shoot. One of them cracked, he can’t call. Three, including the ancient 1884, casting, subject to change. Thus, a total of 14 bells in the belfry,» — said father Anthony (Zinin).

First, in the Cathedral of the Japanese Orthodox Church – the Church of the resurrection, is well known in Japan as the temple Nikorai-up, will serve a prayer service on sanctification of bells. Then they will begin to raise, but to predict in advance how much time this process will take, is impossible.

«It can be an hour, maybe two, maybe all day. How it goes,» added father Gerasim.

The resurrection Cathedral was laid in 1884 by Archimandrite Nikolay (Kasatkin), it was consecrated in 1891.