In Estonia evaluated the possibility of full transfer of schools to the state language

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The Estonian Parliament on Thursday discussed the possibility of full transition to the state language in kindergartens and schools, reported the press service of the legislature.

The Minister of education and science Mailis reps in the past year, offered not only to teach the Estonian language in kindergartens, but to make them all partially Estonian. A number of politicians in the Republic in recent times are calling for a full transition to Estonian as language of instruction.

The initiative for the discussion of this issue was made by the parliamentary party «Fatherland» (formerly called «the Union of Fatherland and Republic»), one of the main points of the electoral program which is the translation of the education system in kindergartens and the primary school is fully in Estonian language.

According to a member of the faction «Fatherland» Victoria Ladinsky-Cubits, Russian school as a parallel education system of Estonia will not be able to hold out for economic reasons, due to the lack of people and materials, and also because in the Estonian society there is a clear pressure for the transition to a unified Estonian education system. According to her, the main goal of the idea is to give children a good education.

The Director of IDA-Viru vocational education centre Hannes Mets believes that changing this situation will require 10-20 years. He also said about the motivation of students to learn Estonian, as well as the need to speak Estonian in Russian-speaking region of IDA-Viru County in northeast Estonia. «There are no such people who do not want to learn Estonian. They return from the course, come home and speak Russian, because they do not talk to anyone,» — said the Mets.

Now Russian schools and high schools in Estonia have partially moved on to teaching in Estonian, according to the adopted in 2010 the law «On basic school and gymnasium», according to which the ratio of subjects in Estonian and Russian should be brought to a value of 60% for Estonia and 40% in Russian. However, the law provided that at the request of boards of Trustees of schools, municipal authorities and with the permission of the government may be exceptions to this rule.

Several Russian schools of Tallinn and Narva on the basis of the law applied in 2015 to the government to allow them to take advantage of this exception and leave the Russian language as the main language of instruction. Petitions for schools were supported by the city authorities of Tallinn, where a large number of Russian-speaking population. The government of Estonia has refused to satisfy the petition about the preservation of the Russian language as the main language of instruction at the secondary school stage of the educational process.

The government of Estonia, which began work in November 2016, promised to extend the right of schools to choose independently the proportion of teaching in Estonian and Russian languages.