In KHMAO teenager robbed a neighbor

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A teenager from the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous region was kidnapped from a neighbor’s gold jewelry to buy with the money Orthodox bracelet and products, said on Thursday the regional Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

Specifies that in a call center I addressed 46-the summer inhabitant of the city of Yugorsk, reported the theft of jewelry worth more than 10 thousand rubles. The woman explained that the day in the apartment some time was her neighbor, and in the evening she discovered the missing jewelry. Soon the police found out that she is referring to 16-year-old, coming to her under the pretext to take forage for fish.

«When the young man was alone in the room, having used absence of the hostess, took gold jewelry from the box, and then the young man turned to the older friend to sell stolen. Get a 3 thousand rubles, he can spend it on food and purchase Orthodox jewelry», — told in UMVD.

According to authorities, the teenager consists on the account in Department on Affairs of minors since January of 2017, and has previously been convicted of extortion and theft of funds. Now concerning it criminal case is brought. He is under house arrest and appropriate behavior.