In Yekaterinburg started the Eurasian festival of contemporary art

© RIA Novosti / Konstantin to Collabourate in fotobounce to Yekaterinburg. Archival photoIn Yekaterinburg started the Eurasian festival of contemporary art© RIA Novosti / Konstantin to Collabourate the image Bank

Third Eurasian festival of contemporary art (EFSI), which represents more than a thousand works, was launched on Thursday in Yekaterinburg, reports the Department of information policy of the Governor of the region.

«We are 74 artists from 23 cities of Russia. Ahead — four intense days of forum program – open lectures, seminars, master-classes, creative meetings,» – are reported words of the organizer, ETSI Marina Linker.

So, on Thursday, EFSI will be a Day of art, during which visitors will see master classes of famous artists and authors meet them. Day architecture and design will take place on Friday and Saturday will be organized the Day of youth, including music, theatre, poetry and dance performance from young singer-songwriters from Yekaterinburg and Moscow. On the final day of work, ESI, on Sunday, the festival will be family Day, where you will be presented a variety of activities for children.

«It is remarkable that in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region have the opportunity for creative development of artists. It’s great that artists and viewers a unique space for communication. Because we always wonder what emotions and feelings possessed by the author when he started working on the product, it is always interesting to look into the creative laboratory, artist’s Studio, and the festival gives this opportunity», – quotes the Department of the Deputy Minister of culture of the Sverdlovsk region Sergey Radchenko.

According to the organizers of the Eurasia festival of contemporary art, events of this magnitude have a positive effect on the image of Ekaterinburg as the candidate to fight for the right to host the world EXPO 2025.

«It is with great pleasure and consciously supported this project because it was not regional, not city, and not even to interregional and all-Russian large-scale cultural project,» – are reported words of the head of the bid Committee EXPO-2025 in Ekaterinburg Konstantin Pudova.

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