Local churches opposed the project of Ukrainian autocephaly

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Russian Orthodox Church is ready to support international initiatives to prevent the split of world Orthodoxy meets the understanding of all the local churches; however, none of the local churches does not support the project of the Ukrainian autocephaly, said Wednesday RIA Novosti Secretary for inter-Orthodox relations of the Department for external Church relations (DECR) of the Moscow Patriarchate Archpriest Igor Yakimchuk.

The Deputy head of the DECR of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Archpriest Nikolai Danylevych previously proposed to convene a Council of the primates of the local Orthodox churches after the decision of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople for the preparation of the Autocephalous Church in Ukraine.

«The Russian Church is ready to support initiatives, including international, aimed at preventing the threat of a schism of Orthodoxy, which every day becomes more and more obvious because of the adventurous protivoanemicescoe steps of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in Ukraine,» said Yakimchuk, commenting on the idea of convening a Council of the patriarchs on the subject «Ukrainian autocephaly.»

According to him, the Moscow Patriarchate are in frequent contact with all the local Orthodox churches, and «none of them supports a Constantinople started the project of Ukrainian autocephaly.»

«The true attitude of the Churches to this undertaking knows Patriarch Bartholomew. However, we see that Fanar took a course on ignoring their opinions, and his actions in recent times run directly counter to their will. In this regard, there is deep doubt that the head of the Patriarchate of Constantinople’ll want to have a meeting of primates of Orthodox churches,» said Yakimchuk.

Earlier in the history of the patriarchs of Constantinople as «first in honor» among the primates of the local churches, convened the pan-Orthodox meetings and presided at them. In 2016, convened by the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew Cathedral of the Orthodox churches was held in Crete. He, however, did not become Orthodox, as expected, because participation in it for a number of reasons refused the primates of several churches, including the Russian.

Last Friday, the Patriarchate of Constantinople said that «in preparation for the granting of autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine» was appointed its Exarch in Kyiv. This decision strongly condemned the Moscow Patriarchate, calling it an intrusion on the canonical territory of other local churches. The Chairman of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion said that the Moscow Patriarchate will break Eucharistic communion with the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the event of the giving them the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church.