Mexican Interjet does not intend to return bought from Russia planes

© RIA Novosti / Victoria Ivanovic Superjet 100 at Le Bourget air show. Archival photoMexican Interjet does not intend to return bought from Russia planes© RIA Novosti / Victoria Ivanova

Mexican carrier Interjet has denied reports that he intends to sell back the «Civil planes Dry» (GSS) bought her earlier SSJ100 aircraft.

Interjet is one of the largest operators of the Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) aircraft, operates flights in 2013. Interjet has a contract for 30 aircraft SSJ-100, now she has delivered 22 vessels. Earlier on FlightGlobal with reference to the Interjet CEO Jose Luis Garza appeared information about the alleged ongoing Russian negotiations on the return of the machines.

«That’s not true. The SSJ100 was an integral part of the success of Interjet, we will continue to work with this plane,» — said RIA Novosti Mexican company. «We are completing the friendly negotiations», — quotes the words of his Interjet CEO. The message portal FlightGlobal the company called inaccurate and misleading.

According to the company, from the date of purchase of the first SSJ100 Interjet has always been in close cooperation with the aircraft manufacturer. «We are conducting important negotiations with the manufacturer that will allow Interjet to improve the working conditions of its fleet of SSJ100» – said the company.

«Interjet will continue to work with the program Superjet 100 on the newest and best terms in favor of their clients, than the time will be communicated to the public,» the statement said.

Sources familiar with the situation told RIA Novosti that in Mexico there is a delegation of GSS, which leads with the Mexican airline negotiations on the details of further cooperation. We are talking about the discussion of a number of contractual positions, which can improve the overall competitive situation Interjet.