Misa began issuing students a passport of talent

© Depositphotos / SergPoznanskiyМужчина signs the documents. Archival photoMisa began issuing students a passport of talent© Depositphotos / SergPoznanskiy

Students of National research University MISIS this year will start to get passports talent, this initiative aroused interest among other Russian universities, the press service of the Department of engineering Cybernetics Misa.

«This week the management of the Department of engineering Cybernetics (IR) nust «MISIS» took the initiative, which is interested in many Russian universities. This year students will be issued a passport talent», — stated in the message.

It is noted that Russian companies face a problem when recruiting new employees — lack of precise and objective data about their abilities and professional opportunities, and graduates are not always able to find exactly the place where their capabilities can be implemented better.

«As a result, according to analysts, the share of University graduates entering the job who are dissatisfied with their place of work exceeds 50%. Do not meet the expectations of the employer up to 30% -35% of new employees. Many of them are forced to find a job in non-core areas,» the report says.

According to the press service, the «Passport talent» will give students the opportunity to find the optimal place of work, and the employer — to get it to the specialist who is required for this position. «It will enable him, in addition to the CV of the candidate, to see a clear and adequate picture of the capabilities of the potential employee across a broad spectrum of both specific and General directions of its development», — explained in the message.

According to the head of the Department IR nust «MISIS» Olga Uskova, the passport will be approved talent known to market participants. «It’s kind of authoritative and objective summary. The risks of errors with the choice the work the guys are practically reduced to zero», — quotes the press service of the words.

Clarifies that participation in the project is voluntary for drawing up the passport management Department conducts testing of students by the developed technique, starting with the first course, according to their results, is based the so-called «Map of talents», showing a complete picture of the interests, experience, skills and abilities of the student, both in General matters and his specialty. Thus in the final version of the talent passport will include parameters such as academic performance, indicators of readiness to work in a certain level of demand for graduates, ability to work in a team, creativity and thinking outside the box, focus on your goals, overall development.