Petrov and Bashirov called real poisoners Skrobala to apologize to them

© Photo : Metropolitan PoliceПодозреваемые the attempted murder of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in Salisbury Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan BashirovPetrov and Bashirov called real poisoners Skrobala to apologize to them© Photo : Metropolitan Police

Suspects the British secret services in the «case Skrypalia» Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov urged the investigators to apologize to them, if the real poisoners will be found.

«I wish if you really ever poisoners will find, at least before us would have apologized, at least for what happened this week — five days, I even lost count,» said Petrov in an interview with RT and Sputnik.

«You can’t imagine what happened to our lives,» added Bashirov.

As admitted Petrov, today it is difficult to go outside even to fill the car.

«Turn on the radio — Bashirov-Petrov, turn on the TV — Bashirov-Petrov, how would you live? I was really scared, I’m scared, afraid. I don’t even know what will happen tomorrow,» admitted Bashirov.


Fourth of March in Salisbury was poisoned, former GRU officer Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia, which triggered a major international scandal. In London said that the incident involved Russia, Moscow categorically denies it.

Russia has repeatedly offered to conduct a joint investigation of the incident, but London ignored the initiative and denied access Scriply. Also the foreign Ministry has accused the British Prime Minister Theresa may in a lie. So, she claimed that the poison was manufactured in Russia. However, in the laboratory Porton Down is denied.

Later London showed photos of two «suspects in the poisoning Skrypalia», claiming that two officers of the GRU – Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov. In Moscow said that the names of Russia «nothing to say» and once again called on Britain to move on from accusations and manipulation to cooperation.

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