Radygin hopes for him in S7 will come a few engineers from RSC Energia

© Photo from personal archiveamateur General Director of S7 Space launch vehicles Igor RaduginRadygin hopes for him in S7 will come a few engineers from RSC Energia© Photo from personal archivepagetitle to daily updates RIA Science

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Switched from rocket-space Corporation (RKK) «energy» in the S7 designer Space launch vehicles Igor Radygin said in an interview with RIA Novosti that he expects that after him in S7 move several of his most experienced colleagues.

«I came alone, but I expect that will come for me some of the most competent professionals with whom we worked together,» he said.

Radugin has moved from RSC Energia in S7 Space and began work on 10 September. In the Corporation he was the first Deputy chief designer – chief designer of launch vehicles. In 2013 in the journal RSC Energia «Space engineering and technology», he published an article about the project economically efficient system of launch vehicles, medium and heavy classes capable of launching elements of the prospective piloted transport system from the cosmodrome East. Subsequently much of this proposal was continued by the rocket «Soyuz-5».

The new missile is created the middle class in Russia in the framework of development work «Phoenix», which in the Federal space program for 2016-2025 laid 30 billion rubles. At the same time recently, Roskosmos, signed the «Energy» is a contract for the development of «Soyuz-5», according to which the creation of a new missile would cost 61 billion 198 million 300 thousand rubles.

In S7 Space Radugin will lead the development of advanced multi-purpose carrier rocket of the middle class and various use cases, including for launches from floating cosmodrome «Sea launch» and the rocket with a reusable returned by the block of the first stage.