Rybopromyshlenniki DFO opposed the «crab quotas»

© Photo : Lyudmila Barkakra. archive photoRybopromyshlenniki DFO opposed the «crab quotas»© Photo : Lyudmila Bozhko

Introduction of crab auctions and quotas will lead to multimillion losses of fishing companies in the Far East and will have a negative impact on their investment activity, said the President of the Association of miners crab Far East Alexander Duplyakov at the joint meeting of the coordination Council of the RUIE branches in the far Eastern Federal district in Khabarovsk.

In 2018, entered into force the decree of the RF government on the inclusion of crabs in the list of biological resources, which are allocated investment quotas. The mechanism of this initiative is not adopted. In August the government approved a «road map» development of competition in 2018-2020 in the economy, where it is proposed to give under the auctions 50% of the volume of quotas for crab.

«If «historical principle» (long-term granting of rights to fish — ed.) has proved its efficiency, which efficiency is expected from auctions, one can not predict. And the damage predicted. The investment boom that has been in the industry for the last three years, is under threat. Most businesses implement long-term investment projects and programs and seriously invested in them. The shipbuilding and recycling. A review of the basic principles constitute a waiver of these plans, limits investments in shipbuilding,» said Duplyakov.

He explained that in the late 1990-ies the right of the catch is sold annually. This period lasted three years, then financial performance of the industry has reached the bottom. Way out of the crisis was a «historical principle», the continuity of which was guaranteed for 15 years. It gave impetus to the development of businesses and investments in the FEFD.

According to the documents of the far Eastern Union, the change of the mechanism of regulation of production of crabs will lead to a default of six fishing enterprises of far Eastern Federal district, abandonment of the construction of 17 fishing vessels is not the shipyards in the far Eastern Federal district and 10 vessels in the European part of the country for a total amount of 55 billion rubles. As well as the rejection initiated by the WEF 2017 construction in Primorye shipyard JSC «Pella» for 7 billion rubles. Until 2027, the company will waive investment of 155 billion rubles.