Siberian physicists have launched a unique injector for heating fusion plasmas

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Specialists of the Institute of nuclear physics (BINP) has made the physical start-up powerful high-voltage injector with unique characteristics for heating fusion plasmas, according to the Institute on Thursday.

«In the Institute of nuclear physics. G. I. Budker SB RAS (BINP SB RAS) held a physical start injector a powerful beam of hydrogen atoms with a design energy of particles to 1 million electron volts. In the injector, a beam of atoms formed by the neutralization of accelerated to the desired energy beam of negative hydrogen ions», — stated in the message.

The institution explained that this experimental setup was designed and manufactured by order of the American company TAE Technologies, which is developing bezmaternih fusion reactor. With this injector, the scientists plan to develop the technology of plasma heating in the reactor Taya Technologies.

The Institute noted that implementation of the fusion reaction to heat hydrogen plasma to temperatures of hundreds of millions of degrees. The most effective heating method is the injection of a beam of fast atoms. Currently this technology is being tested in several large fusion devices in Europe and Japan and is the most promising for use in fusion energy of the future.

«Earlier at BINP has developed and tested a prototype of such injector (power for plasma heating in the installations of new generation – ed.), which performed well on benchmark testing. Was obtained an intense beam of negative ions with energy of 117 Kev (Kev). Were also conducted experiments on beam transport in the reactor. Now the systematic work on the injector with substantially higher energy particles. To date, there are no injectors for plasma heating with similar characteristics,» — are reported words of the chief researcher of BINP SB RAS Yuri Belchenko.

BINP is a world leader in the development and manufacture of the injectors atomic beams for fusion research. The Institute delivers them to the leading research centers in Russia, Germany, Switzerland, USA and other countries. Such beams are used in most projects fusion devices of the future.