Small children used the same gestures that chimpanzees, scientists have found

© AP Photo / Thanassis StavrakisШимпанзе in the Zoological Park of Attica, in Greece. Archival photoSmall children used the same gestures that chimpanzees, scientists have found© AP Photo / Thanassis StavrakisПодпишись to daily updates RIA Science

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Scientists from the University of St Andrews found that children aged one to two years using the 52 gesture, more than 95% of which use chimpanzees with the gorillas. The paper was published in the scientific journal Animal Cognition.

The researchers engaged in the communication of the great apes more than 20 years. For the first time along with this they turned to the study of non-verbal communication young children and was surprised at how many similarities have been found.

Chimpanzees observed in their natural habitat in Uganda, with children in institutions and the home environment. Scientists also used the data on the gestures of the gorillas, obtained during one of the previous studies.

Scientists have identified the children of 52 gestures. It turned out that chimpanzees use 46 of them (89 %), along with gorillas — 50 gestures (96%).

For example, young chimpanzees and children to convey various messages, clap, stomp, hug, and shake their heads. Coincidences indicate that these innate gestures have been inherited from a common ancestor 5-6 million years ago.

As for differences, young children are much more likely to use pointing gestures. In addition, only children tend to wave hands to say Hello or goodbye.