The expert assessed the intention S7 to compete with the Musk in the creation of missiles

© Photo : S7 raceplace spaceport Sea launch. Archive photoThe expert assessed the intention S7 to compete with the Musk in the creation of missiles© Photo : S7 raspodeliti to daily updates RIA Science

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The transition to work in S7 Space rocketry designer Igor Radugina evidence of serious intent of the company and the real possibility to create in Russia a reusable rocket soon, according to a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics Andrei Ionin.

Earlier Radygin said in an interview with RIA Novosti that in the absence of bureaucratic procedures that exist under state contracts, reusable rocket could be create in less than five years. Radygin at the time of his departure from the Rocket-space Corporation (RKK) «Energy» held a post of the first Deputy General designer – chief designer of launch vehicles. He started to work in S7 September 10.

«This demonstrates the seriousness of the S7 in the creation of this innovative reusable rocket, to challenge Elon musk … We compete with him,» said Jonas.

According to him, the strategy S7 should be beneficial to the state, «because it will attract private initiative and private investment in the development of the industry, which, as we all know, the industry really needs». But, from the point of view of the expert, the government should support the initiative S7.

«This support should not be a monetary form. That would be counterproductive. Support should be expressed in the adoption of measures for the resumption of launches of Sea and land launches, S7 all access to the required technology and production and test base required for S7 these innovative reusable rockets and to support the initiatives of S7, which are connected with the creation of an effective transport system for deep space based on the use of reusable nuclear tugs,» said Jonas.