The inhabitant of Orenburg has taken a woman hostage out of spite for the rich

© Fotolia / FrameAngelПистолет. Archival photoThe inhabitant of Orenburg has taken a woman hostage out of spite for the rich© Fotolia / FrameAngel

The court will consider the case against the resident of Orenburg, which is due to anger at the wealthy lifestyle of the residents of the village of Rostoshi, took a woman hostage and attacked the police during his detention, according to the regional SUCK.

The Department reports that the incident occurred on August 3, 2018 in the village of Rostoshi in Orenburg. Local resident — 36-year-old man, being drunk, threatening with a knife and a pneumatic pistol, held the 48-year-old woman. Police arrived on the scene neutralized the attacker. At the time of arrest he resisted police, threatened with a weapon.

«During the interrogation, the detainee explained that he was visiting a friend in the village and in the drinking of spirits very angry that the residents of neighboring houses are prosperous lifestyle, went outside with a gun and began shooting at the gates of houses and in different directions. He also shot in a parked car» — informs a consequence. This man did not expect that the car owner does not submit claims he has a large income.

Concerning the detainee criminal case under article «illegal deprivation of freedom with the use of weapons and threat of violence against a representative of authority in connection with the performance of their official duties».

«During the investigation the accused guilty of the alleged offence fully recognized, repented of, concerning it elected a measure of restraint in form of detention. The case materials are directed to court», — informs the SC in the region.