The Russian Ambassador spoke about cooperation with Japan on a peace Treaty

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The peace Treaty between Russia and Japan to sign which suggested Russian President Vladimir Putin, will contribute to the creation of an atmosphere of trust between countries that will allow to solve other contentious issues, said the Russian Ambassador to Japan Mikhail Galuzin.

At the plenary session on Wednesday at the Eastern economic forum in Vladivostok with the participation of Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a proposal to conclude a peace Treaty before the end of this year, without preconditions. The Russian leader said that the talks are 70 years, and Prime Minister Abe of Japan, a proposal was made to change approaches. In this context, Putin suggested a peace Treaty.

«As the President emphasized in his speech, we presume that the solution to such a complex, emotional, leaving its origins in the dramatic scenes, dramatic moments in the history of our bilateral relations issues as territorial issues should be resolved in an atmosphere of friendship, cooperation, mutual understanding, mutual trust, and the atmosphere we have yet to form. And the peace Treaty would be a very important factor, the key factor in the formation of such an atmosphere, because today it still is not» — said the diplomat in an interview to RT.

He added that the proposal is in line with Moscow’s policy in relations with Tokyo, which has been implemented in recent years. «We see Japan as an important and reliable partner. We believe that Russian-Japanese relations are developing very successfully, primarily due to the agreements reached between the two leaders – President Putin and Prime Minister Abe, including the eight — point plan for developing Russian-Japanese cooperation, put forward by the head of the government of Japan, and the list of priority projects of the Russian-Japanese investment, which was proposed in our country. Offer of a Treaty to conclude a peace Treaty without preconditions is in line with our line on the promotion of the broadest partnership with Japan,» said Galuzin.

He noted that there is nothing better «for a relationship between reliable partners than the existence of such a fundamental legal basis as well as peace Treaty.»