The scientist told how the gas formed crater on the Yamal Peninsula

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The introduction of gas craters formed on the territory of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, due to the warming of the Arctic, with possible new emissions out of the ground is taken into account in the construction of social and industrial infrastructure in the region, told RIA Novosti scientist Geocryology, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, scientific head of the academic Department of chrisopigi Tyumen state University Vladimir Melnikov.

In 2014, in the district of Bovanenkovo Deposit on the Yamal Peninsula was discovered two sinkholes, which is presumably due to gas emission, and then filled with water, becoming a lake. According to scientists, in recent years the crater has increased in size, and the water in them differs from nearby lakes is very high turbidity. On Tuesday on the website of the Lomonosov Moscow state University reported that the staff of the geological Department of the University conducted a comprehensive study of one of these craters and found out the reason for its formation, calling it a geological phenomenon «cryovolcanism». The results of the research September 10, was published in the prestigious scientific journal Scientific Reports.

An interesting phenomenon

«Volcanism is not only something that comes from the mantle and ejected from our volcanoes of fire and molten lava, and in principle the emissions. Sometimes mini-volcanism, micromechanism. You can say so, but, rather, figuratively, not to be confused with volcanoes», — says Vladimir Melnikov used by the colleagues from Moscow state University term.

According to him, the experts who study these natural phenomenon, often referred to as their pipeline explosion.

«This cycle of warming that we have already experienced. Journalists call it «global warming», which is incorrect, because global warming lasts 11 thousand years… Called the 35-year cycle of the global wrong, that’s why we call it the cyclic warming, before that was a cooling cycle from 1946 to 1980 approximately. The current warm cycle has been much warmer than previous of the same», — says Vladimir Melnikov.

According to him, this all coincided with a sharp warming in the Arctic, and the upper part of the permafrost warmed up more than usual, thereby reducing the screen density, for many years holding the gas underground. Thus, as stressed by the scientist, the emergence of new craters must fear and, above all, to study the enterprises of power, which is being built on the Yamal social, transport or industrial infrastructure.

«If you explode somewhere on the road or under the oil and gas processing plant, it will not find it. For this reason, when the pre-period surveys are conducted, it is necessary to pay special attention to such anomalies, which most likely you can discover one or other geophysical method» — sums up Geocryology.