The Senator suggested, against whom new U.S. sanctions

© AP Photo / Julio CortezВоздушный ball, stylized USA flag. Archival photoThe Senator suggested, against whom new U.S. sanctions© AP Photo / Julio Cortez

U.S. imposing new sanctions against countries for «intervention» in U.S. elections, the narrow «window of opportunity» in relations with Ross to tiny slits, said RIA Novosti on Wednesday, a member of the international Committee of the Federation Council Oleg Morozov.

The US President Donald trump on Wednesday signed a decree on the responsibility for intervention in the elections. The document provides for sanctions against foreign individuals and entities that US intelligence agencies will suspect meddling in the elections by «cyber-attacks or otherwise», spreading propaganda and misinformation. The sanctions include the freezing of assets, restrictions on exports and imports and a ban on obtaining investments from US citizens.

«Obviously, the addressees of this law are clear. We are there just there. It is not the question, but how now to build any partnership, including on those issues where it is still potentially possible,» — said Morozov.

According to the Senator, «this window of opportunity turns into a tiny aperture.»

«Confrontation is growing, the US is not leaving Russia no choice. And it’s not the sanctions. Sanctions are an indicator of the growing conflict in all directions», — he added.

«However, the WEF showed that the world is huge and we have with whom to build strategic partnership,» concluded Morozov.