The source said about the absence of the ISS drills that can «scrape» «Union»

© Photo : Roscosmos/Oleg Artemievskoye space ship Soyuz. Archive photoThe source said about the absence of the ISS drills that can «scrape» «Union»© Photo : Roscosmos/Oleg Artemides to daily updates RIA Science

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Internal Commission RSC Energia has established that on the International space station is not so long of a drill that can be done is found in the «Soyuz MS-09» hole, told RIA Novosti source in the space industry.

«The staff of the scientific-technical center of RSC «Energia» at the beginning of the work of the internal Commission on its behalf conducted a terrestrial field experiment, which found that potentially in the conditions of orbital flight, you can drill a hole in the place in which it is discovered, but given its location, this will require a drill with a length of about half a meter,» — said the source.

He explained that the location detection hole is in an awkward to access location, and the drill went under the angle of the drilled hole, the drill should be at the distance of half a meter from the wall of the ship.

«This drill on the ISS, of course not,» said the source.

However, in the case of drilling on Land in the production phase of the ship when the household compartment «Union» is not cluttered with equipment and it does not prevent the access required to the wall, do that the hole was the usual drill, the source said.

Earlier it was reported that internal Commission RSC Energia submitted its report to the head of the Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin. Because there is no accurate reasons and not found guilty, «Roskosmos» has created its own Commission.

Earlier in mass media and Telegram channels appeared information about the possible involvement of American astronauts to drill the holes in the «Union». Rogozin refused to comment on this version, although on 3 September said that the hole could be made in space. Wednesday about the version of the involvement of American astronauts, as a priority, wrote the newspaper «Kommersant». Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said that such communications are inadmissible and called to wait for completion of the investigation. After that, Rogozin also wrote that it is necessary to complete the investigation before making conclusions.