Alexander Burke joined the office of the Governor of the Omsk region

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura in photomontaging Burkov. Archival photoAlexander Burke joined the office of the Governor of the Omsk region© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura the image Bank

Won the past 9 September gubernatorial elections in Omsk region samovydvizhenets Alexander Burkov, before 11 months held the post of acting head of the region, officially took office, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The ceremony of inauguration of the Governor Burkov took place on Friday at the ceremonial meeting of the Legislative Assembly in the Concert hall of the Omsk Philharmonic.

«I swear in exercising the powers of the Governor of the Omsk region strictly observe the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the Charter (fundamental law) of Omsk region, Federal and regional laws to ensure and protect the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, all his power and knowledge to give the benefit of the population of the Omsk region and Russian Federation», — read Burkov the text of the oath.

The Plenipotentiary of the RF President in the Siberian Federal district Sergey Menyailo noted that Burkova victory in the elections have the confidence of the residents and the value of his work as acting head of the region.

«You and your colleagues have to Omsk oblast for the new level of development. It is necessary to create all conditions that we have fulfilled this task. I am sure that your experience will allow you to do everything to consolidate all political forces and branches of government, civil society institutions and to direct the execution of the tasks set by President of Russia», — said the envoy.

The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Alexander Zhukov, in turn, noted that the Governor-elect will have a great and difficult job in a difficult situation and to fulfill the tasks of the may decree of the President will not be easy. «I hope that you and your experience will be able to correctly formulate the task and to implement its program. As for the deputies of the state Duma, we will try to make and help in all that concerns the Federal budget and the relationship with the region,» he said.

The Chairman «Fair Russia» Sergei Mironov said that in the Omsk region has a unique experience when the Communist party and «United Russia» supported the candidate in governors, is a member of the CP. He wished Burkov success, gave as the brick first brick in the Foundation of mass housing construction in the region and a plane that «does not allow to shoot from the hip», but it will help «remove the chip».

Burkov on the election results, won a landslide victory with a score of 82,56% of the total number of votes (550232). Its closest competitor – the representative of LDPR Alexey Lozhkin scored and 8.50% of votes, the member of regional Public chamber, the self-promoted worker Anatoly Solovyov – 3,85%, representative of the «Party of Growth» Anton Drasgow» – 2,35%. The turnout was 43.6% of the elections come 666627 voters was 1,531 million.

On last elections of the Governor of the Omsk region in September 2015, the final turnout was 33 to 83%. Then the elections were won by Viktor Nazarov, typing 59,99% of the vote. In March 2018, Nazarov became a Senator from the region.

Early elections of the Governor of the Omsk region was appointed on September 9, after Russian President Vladimir Putin on 9 October 2017 signed a decree on termination of powers of the Governor of the region Victor Nazarov, who had held the post since 30 may 2012. The acting Governor was appointed the Deputy of the state Duma from «Fair Russia», member of the Presidium of the Central Council of the party Alexander Burkov.