At Cape Chersonese divers found the anchor of the Roman period

© RIA Novosti / Valery Customizati in fotobabble of Chersonesos. Archival photoAt Cape Chersonese divers found the anchor of the Roman period© RIA Novosti / Valery Customizati the image Bank

Underwater archaeological expedition will examine the place of discovery divers at Cape Chersonese anchor from the ship of the Roman period, reported RIA Novosti senior researcher, Institute of Oriental studies, candidate of historical Sciences Victor Lebedinsky.

«Recently, the three divers found at the Cape of Khersones ancient lead wood anchor, clearly of the Roman period. In the near future, once established the weather, we go to the place where he is,» said Lebedinsky.

Anchor found at a depth of 24 meters, its surface is not raised. According to the scientist, the study of the place of discovery of the anchor can lead to other important discoveries.

«It may well be that there is not only the anchor, but the vessel itself may lie,» said he.

Earlier the expedition «Neptune» found balaclavas at a depth of 85 meters of preserved hull of a wooden ship roughly the II-III centuries, the size and shape of the body which corresponds to the so-called «round ships» from the Roman era. Scientists have recorded at the bottom of the wooden frame, rows of frames, wooden elements of the hull and rigging, and anchor, which helped to pre-Dating.