Candidates from «an United Russia» has received in the elections, about half of the votes

© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera in fotosencibilization in a single day of voting at a polling station in Ivanovo, archival photoCandidates from «an United Russia» has received in the elections, about half of the votes© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera the image Bank

Candidates from «an United Russia» has received in the past 9 Sep the by-election of deputies of the state Duma in General, about half of the votes in those districts where they were nominated for representatives of the Communist party voted about a quarter came to the polls in six districts of voters, said the Deputy head of the CEC of Russia Nikolay Bulaev.

The seventh election to the Duma on 9 September was held in seven single-member districts as the relevant parliamentary seats became vacant earlier. According to the results of all these campaigns, United Russia lost single mandate of the Communist party, but the liberal democratic party, on the contrary, kept as their representative a seat in the lower house of Parliament. The candidates-odnomandatniki from the EP won the elections in five of the seven districts — that is, all, where the ruling party put forward this time their candidates.

«Party «United Russia» has put forward five candidates took part in the vote in these five districts nearly 749 thousand people, of whom 51.6 per cent voted for the candidates of the party. As for the Communist party, six single-mandate constituencies of 23.96% of voters preferred candidates from the party, and it is also a significant step forward,» said Bulaev at the CEC session on Friday.

In these elections have participated representatives of seven different parties, but representation in each of the districts was different. So, the «Yabloko» party has fielded candidates in four districts, United Russia, in five districts, and the Party of pensioners. Representatives of the Communist party ran for six single-member districts, the same number of candidates put forward and the «Communists of Russia». In each of the seven constituencies where elections were held, was presented LDPR and «Fair Russia».

According to bulaeva, the liberal Democrats received in these districts of 13.85% of the electorate, and the socialist-revolutionaries — of 9.38% of the votes. Candidates from «Communists of Russia» enlisted the support overall of 8, 63% of voters in those six districts where they participated in the elections.

The party of pensioners gained of 7.51% of the vote in five counties, and for candidates from the «Apple» in four districts voted 3,39% of voters came to the elections, said the Deputy head of the Central election Commission.