Chamber theatre of Boris Pokrovsky in the new season will present four premieres

© RIA Novosti / Andrey Babushkinskiy hall of the Bolshoi theater in Moscow. Archival photoChamber theatre of Boris Pokrovsky in the new season will present four premieres© RIA Novosti / Andrey Babushkin

Chamber theatre of Boris Pokrovsky officially became part of the Bolshoi theatre on 13 September, this season he will present four premieres, announced for the season on Friday the General Director of the Bolshoi theater Vladimir urin.

Earlier, the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation announced that the Moscow chamber music theatre named Pokrovsky will become part of the State academic Bolshoi theatre of Russia. The chamber theatre will be attached to Big special status will receive the status of a chamber scene of the Bolshoi theatre Boris Pokrovsky. The Ministry said that it is not about liquidation and reorganization, accession.

«Today we have a very important event: starting from 13-th of Chamber theater Pokrovsky is part of our theatre will be called the Chamber stage named after Boris Pokrovsky’s Bolshoi theatre. Team with us today,» said urin.

He wished success to the staff and expressed hope for fruitful cooperation.

While music Director of the Opera and chief conductor Tugan Sokhiev noted that the Chamber scene in the new season will consist of four premieres. Among the first performances — «Sorochinskaya fair» and Opera by the contemporary composer Alexander Tchaikovsky «One day of Ivan Denisovich» dedicated to the centenary of Solzhenitsyn.