Experts estimated the market volume of online piracy in Russia

© Fotolia / Pavel Ignatov Protection of intellectual property on the Internet. Archival photoExperts estimated the market volume of online piracy in Russia© Fotolia / Pavel Ignatov

Almost every second movie released in 2018 in cinemas in Russia, was copied by pirates and posted to the Internet, says the company Group-IB, involved in combating cybercrime.

According to experts, the growth of Internet piracy in Russia amounted to 21% compared to last year and reached $ 85 million. The number of queries in popular search engines for movies and serials for free amounted to almost 10 billion per year.

«Thus, on average, based on the total Internet audience last year in Russia (around 90 million), per user, on average, about 110 hits pirate copies of films. The increase in the number of thefts of content from the screens of cinemas has led to the fact that the number of pirated copies of movies was 211 units in 2017, more than six times the figure a year earlier (33 «ekranki»). Thus, for the first 9 months of 2018, the number of published «ekrano» has already reached more than 280 copies. Thus, almost every second movie released in 2018 in the us were copied by pirates and posted to the network,» — follows from the release of the company.

Pirates for fast delivery of movies and TV shows to users, simplify monetization schemes and auto-complete website illegal content increasingly use a technology called a CDN (Content Distribution Network — content delivery network), which, as a rule, unites a large number of servers around the world and accelerating the transfer of content to the end user.

«If we talk about large networks to distribute films and TV series in Russia, the total number of files in the database only one pirate CDN service exceeds 300 thousand, which is more than 5 Pb of server space. The monthly cost of maintenance of such infrastructure is about 100 thousand dollars»,- are reported words of the head of the Department of innovative brand protection and intellectual property of the company Group-IB Andrew busargina arts critic.

Experts of the anti-piracy areas of the company estimated that the total volume of traffic of videoparty for 2017 increased by 12% and continues to grow. Commercials on pirate resources are also available via CDN providers and «pasted» into the video. The main advertisers of pirate films and series are online casinos and gaming sites. «The average earnings of the pirates for 1000 views is $ 3. Thus, the average monthly income with a major pirate sites can reach 10 thousand dollars. Interestingly, the establishment of pirate online corresponds to $ 240 and, hence, its payback begins from 80 thousand views of video on the portal,» — experts say.