Former Deputy Minister of the Chelyabinsk region was released under house arrest

© RIA Novostiukraine meeting. Archival photoFormer Deputy Minister of the Chelyabinsk region was released under house arrest© RIA Novosti

The court in Chelyabinsk on Friday changed the measure of restraint former first Deputy Minister of economic development of the region Anton Bachevo from detention to house arrest, the press service of the Central district court.

«The Central district court of Chelyabinsk on 14 September issued a decision on changing the measure of restraint in the form of detention to house arrest in respect of Bagaeva… till November 19,» — said in the message.

The investigator filed a motion to extend the arrest of Bachevo, the defendant and his defenders asked to change the measure of restraint on not connected with isolation from society.

The decision has not come into force and may be appealed, is added to the message.

The Central district court on July 21 ruled that the arrest Bagaeva until 19 September, he is accused by investigators of the FSB as regards 4 articles 159 of the criminal code (fraud). According to the materials of the case, in 2017 was made two payments from the regional budget, which, according to the investigation, was kidnapped by Bakievym. The investigator told the court that the Bahai committed crimes in a group of persons whose identity is unknown. The Prosecutor explained to the journalists that we are talking about the allocation of 3.8 million rubles on the Russian-Kazakhstan forum of 2017, which was held in Chelyabinsk.