From airports Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo will open at home for the rest of the taxi drivers

© Fotolia / Andres Rodriguez Taxi. Archival photoFrom airports Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo will open at home for the rest of the taxi drivers© Fotolia / Andres Rodriguez

Special «Home taxi» for the rest of the taxi drivers to the end of the year will appear next to the capital airport «Sheremetyevo» and «Domodedovo», said the taxi service «Citymobil» that implements the project.

«In «Home taxi» drivers will be able to relax, eat, chat with colleagues, take a shower and get necessary assistance such as connection to the system», — stated in the message.

«Today, the average waiting time at the airport for the taxi driver is around hours. As a result, the airports accumulated a lot of taxis and the drivers are expecting the order on the side of the road. They have no opportunity to relax in comfort, eat at a reasonable price or to use the restroom,» said the company.

To solve this problem, the company also made the decision to open two «Houses taxi» at major Metropolitan airports. The project cost 50 million rubles. The company emphasizes that it is a social project. In the future, «Citymobil» plans to open a number of «Houses taxi» in Moscow.

The total area of the two «Houses taxi» at «Sheremetyevo» and «Domodedovo» will be more than 200 square meters. They will work around the clock. Access will be free and open not only to those drivers with the «Citymobil», but for other taxi drivers. Among other things, drivers will be offered free private Parking, and discounts in the cafeterias nearby. The premises are equipped with showers, conference rooms, Lounges with TVs, games and so on.

The project «House taxi» works «Citymobil» in 2017, when the company as an experiment opened the first taxi in the business center near the metro station «New Cheryomushki.» During the year there were more than 180 thousand drivers. «Citymobil» – taxi service, founded in 2007. Affordable mobile applications on iOS and Android and through the web site or call the operator. The company ranks second in the number of online orders a taxi in Moscow. In April 2018, investors of the project were Mail.Ru Group and «MegaFon» investing » $ 14 million and up to $ 12 million, respectively, and received in the company’s 31% and 26%.