He condemned the holding in Moldova of events for sexual minorities

© AFP 2018 / Ricardo ArduengoУчастник gay pride parade. Archival photoHe condemned the holding in Moldova of events for sexual minorities© AFP 2018 / Ricardo Arduengo

The President of Moldova Igor Dodon said on Friday that strongly condemns the holding in the Republic measures for sexual minorities, to spread «immoral values».

«There is propaganda of the phenomena that offend social values. I am sure that such propaganda should not be in Moldova. The festival of sexual minorities, as well as other activities, which disseminate immoral principles should be firmly discouraged, perhaps even to be outside of the law,» he stated at the opening of the world Congress of families.

According to the President, the institution of the family in Moldova faces serious problems, most of which are attributable to the economic crisis and low standard of living. Many residents can’t find work and are forced to leave, due to financial instability, young people are not in a hurry to have children.

«The population of Moldova could be reduced by a million residents by 2050. This is the number one problem for us, so you need to change the attitude of society towards the family and the problems they faced. We believe that every child should grow exclusively in the family, and family is a Union of men and women, moms and dads,» — added Igor Dodon.

The head of Moldova said that next year the country will be declared year of the family. A special Commission will prepare a programme for promotion of traditional values.

World Congress of families held in Chisinau from 14 to 16 September, is organized by the international organization for family Affairs and the Foundation of the first lady of Moldova «Din suflet». It is attended by over 2,000 people from 50 countries.