Head Amazon criticized trump for the attacks on the press

© AP Photo / Ted S. WarrenГенеральный Director of Amazon Jeff Bezos. Archival photoHead Amazon criticized trump for the attacks on the press© AP Photo / Ted S. Warren

The head and founder of the Internet company Amazon.com the founder and owner of the aerospace company Blue Origin and owner of the publishing house for the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos has criticized US President Donald trump and his administration for the attacks on members of the press.

«It is very dangerous to demonize the press… not a single democratically elected official, whether President or Governor, should not expect that the press will praise him and that he would like the headlines,» said Bezos, speaking at the Economic club in Washington.

«You know what he has to say — it’s great that I criticize because as it should be,» he said. Bezos stressed that calls upon journalists from the Washington Post to be objective. «I tell them: even if the administration is with you in war, you don’t have to be at war with her. Just do your job» — said the businessman. According to him, he’s proud to have helped the Washington Post to survive the tough times.

The number of critical articles about trump and his administration has increased lately as it approaches the midterm elections, which will take place on 6 November. The U.S. administration constantly acts with rebuttals to many of these publications. Trump himself often criticizes the media for «fake news».

The war US President with the press for years. Republicans have from the very beginning went wrong communication with representatives of the American media. The US President last year even offered to make a rating of the lying media and give them prizes. This list appeared in the beginning of 2018. Submitted a list of personally Donald trump in his Twitter page.