In Afghanistan in days eliminated about 70 militants

© AP Photo / Kristin M. Hall, FileВертолет the Afghan air force. Archival photoIn Afghanistan in days eliminated about 70 militants© AP Photo / Kristin M. Hall, File

At least 67 militants have been eliminated in recent days in Afghanistan during joint operations of the national forces of defense and security and the air force of the country in different provinces, according to TV channel Tolo news, citing a statement by the Afghan Ministry of defense.

«In the past 24 hours, Afghan national forces of defense and security held 12 joint offensive operations and clearing operations, special forces units have carried out 114 special assignments, and air force of Afghanistan struck 12 blows to positions of insurgents in different parts of the country. The result of these operations, 67 insurgents were killed», — quotes the channel part of the application.

67 Insurgents Killed In ANDSF, #AAF Operations

— TOLOnews (@TOLOnews) 14 Sep 2018.

It is also reported citing the Ministry of defence that 28 militants were wounded. Also in the course of operations had destroyed the weapons of militants.

In Afghanistan there is a confrontation between government forces and militants of the radical Taliban*, which had previously captured significant territory in rural areas of the country and launched a major offensive against the city. In the country has increased the influence of the terrorist group «Islamic state.»* National forces of defense and security of Afghanistan is conducting nationwide joint operations to combat terrorism.

* Terrorist and radical organizations, banned in Russia