In Belgium, the presence of the virus check 67 pig farms

© AP Photo / Daniel Mayersville. Archival photoIn Belgium, the presence of the virus check 67 pig farms© AP Photo / Daniel Maurer

Experts of the veterinary service to check the number of pig farms in the Belgian Walloon region, in the presence of the disease African swine fever (ASF), said on Friday the Minister of agriculture of Belgium Denis Ducarme.

Federal Agency for safety of food chain (Afsca) previously reported that two wild boars found dead in the Belgian municipality Etal on the border with Luxembourg and France, revealed that the animals died from ASF.

«Zones of protection. Inspections are carried out in 67 households, we expect results,» the Minister told reporters.

He assured that the virus is not a threat to human health. However, an effective vaccine against ASF has not yet been established. The virus can easily be transmitted from one animal to another, threatening the livestock of the factory farms.

As noted by Afsca, the death boar confirms that the ASF virus, the centers of which was in Eastern Europe, spreading to the Western part of the continent. Cases of ASF are installed in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

«The virus can easily be transmitted from one animal to another or through close contact between individuals or through contaminated material (transport equipment, boots, etc.) or using the remnants of food that bears the virus and left by the person», — is spoken in the message of the Afsca.

The Agency notes that cases of infection of domestic animals in Eastern Europe can be «the result of consumption of food left by persons arriving from affected areas».

In connection with the discovery of wild boars killed by ASF, the authorities of the Belgian Walloon region have taken measures to prevent the possible spread of the virus.