In St. Petersburg save a starving child whose mother was given only breast milk

© Depositphotos / romrodinkaМужчина with a baby. Archival photoIn St. Petersburg save a starving child whose mother was given only breast milk© Depositphotos / romrodinka

Year-old child, were taken to hospital with exhaustion because of the fact that sitting on a diet mother fed him only breast milk, transferred from intensive care to a regular room, and the police checks circumstances of hospitalization of the boy, whose family, according to his father, for a long time, ate oatmeal, cooked in a broth of fish bones.

«The sixth day, doctors are a child, taken to hospital in a serious condition, caused by the depletion. The baby, who is now 1 year and 4 months fed only breast milk for the mother, who was sitting on a strict diet… At this point, the child moved to a regular room, but the question of his discharge is not worth it,» — said the Ombudsman for the rights of the child in Saint Petersburg Svetlana Agapitovoj.

According to the children’s Ombudsman, an ambulance brought the boy’s father, fearing for his condition. The emaciated baby was in intensive care for four days.

According to the city office for the protection of the rights of children, the mother is in the hospital with the child, however, according to doctors, her necessary medical care. «She can’t care for the son since more than a year… almost nothing to eat and was very weak. According to the boy’s father, the family menu for a long time were oatmeal, boiled in the broth from the fish bones with milk,» — said apparatus of Ombudsman for children.

According to authorities, the child at the age of one month were already in the hospital, after the specialists of the children’s clinic has informed bodies of guardianship and guardianship that the boy is not gaining weight and the parents do not comply with hygiene requirements and do not provide adequate living conditions. The family then moved to another area without notifying the authorities.

«Will mom and dad take the baby home after the end of treatment will be decided after clarification of all circumstances of the baby in the hospital», — notes the unit of Ombudsman for children.

As reported on the website of the interior Ministry for St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, now the police Krasnogvardeisky district verifies the circumstances of the hospitalization of the boy.