In Ulan-Ude at three sites abolished the election results

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The results of elections of deputies of the National Hural of Buryatia Republic invalidated at three polling stations in Ulan-Ude because of the attempts of ballot stuffing, reported RIA Novosti the Chairman of the regional election Commission Dmitry Ivaylovsky.

Earlier it was reported that in one of the sections in the area of the Republic recorded in the portable stuffing box – a box has been revoked, was stopped by an official of stuffing during the vote in the detention center of Ulan-Ude.

«Elections of deputies of the Parliament of the Republic declared invalid at three sites in Ulan-Ude. These are sections numbered 847, 855, 860. There was a foiled attempt of ballot stuffing,» said Ivaylovsky.

He noted that the incident did not affect the election results.

United Russia won the elections to the Parliament of Buryatia, September 9, with 41% of the vote. Communist party won 25.6% of votes, LDPR — just over 12%. «Fair Russia» has gained more than 9%, the Communist party and the Civic platform could not overcome the five percent barrier. The turnout exceeded 39%.

In Ulan-Ude at three sites abolished the election results© Infografika of heads of regions of Russia