Peskov said the plan Kostina for the abandonment of the dollar

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The desire to reduce the use of the dollar is a reaction to the unpredictability and the controversial actions of the United States from the point of view of international law, said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. According to him, the process of ridding the global calculation of the dollar is already underway, but the precise plans of the Russian authorities yet.

Kostin in an interview to the newspaper «Izvestia» presented a plan for the abandonment of the dollar, which includes a number of areas. The first is the rapid transition in calculations with foreign countries on export-import transactions in other currencies, including the Euro, the yuan or ruble. The second point the head of the Bank called address translation the largest holdings in Russia in the Russian jurisdiction. The third direction — creation of a Russian securities Depository for the placement of Eurobonds. The fourth point is to conduct the licensing of all stock market participants so that they were all working by the same rules.

«The theme of de-dollarization is being actively discussed not only in Moscow but throughout the world. Many countries are now negotiating, lead expert contacts in order to provide and ensure the reduction of dollars in mutual payments, the implementation and commercial operations and investment, economic and trade operations», — said Peskov told reporters.

«This is the beginning of a journey, but is fixed quite firm and consistent attitude of many countries in Europe and in the East, the middle East and so on, to gradually minimize the dollars in mutual turnover. So this is really a process that takes place to be. Clear any plans yet for the Russian side, but this is a question that is on the agenda», — he added.

«This is a completely natural process and the reaction of countries, including and Russia on the relatively unpredictable actions of the United States, is quite controversial from the point of view of norms and rules of international trade decisions — of course, this all leads to the fact that confidence in the dollar is gradually declining and there is a steady desire to replace it with other currencies,» concluded Sands.