Space Agency UAE wants to expand cooperation with Russia

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Space Agency UAE sees areas for expansion of cooperation with Russia in the field of technology and learning, said RIA Novosti Director of the space policy and Space regulation Agency of the UAE Nasser ar-Rashidi.

«We see point for cooperation that are currently in development and discussed in the field of technology service, science and education. A discussion of some of these issues are now coming to an end, the planned dressage on the objects,» — said ar-Rashidi.

He added that the UAE, the Agency would like to have access to some Russian space services such as the organization launches and remote sensing, and exploring opportunities to do so.

Also, according to ar-Rashidi, UAE are interested to send their students in Russian institutions, including SKOLKOVO. There Emirati students could learn Russian language, astrophysics and space engineering.

In 2015, the Russian state Corporation «Roskosmos» and the Space Agency of the UAE signed a Memorandum of understanding, agreeing on strategic partnership in the space sector, including training of staff and providing ground support.

Earlier in the press service of the Roscosmos RIA Novosti reported that the Corporation is in talks of flying to the International space station (ISS) with the countries of the Persian Gulf. In April 2019 planned short-term flight to the ISS citizen of the UAE. We discuss the possibility of long-term space flight Emirates astronaut and the flight of short-term citizen of Bahrain.