The crew mission on the ISS has begun the final phase of the exam training

© Photo : Roscosmos/Oleg Artemix. Archive photoThe crew mission on the ISS has begun the final phase of the exam training© Photo : Roscosmos/Oleg Artemides to daily updates RIA Science

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The final stage of examination training Prime crew mission to ISS-57/58 began in the cosmonaut training Center (TSPK) Gagarin, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

As part of the main crew that will travel to the International space station on 11 October on the ship «Soyuz MS-10», — Russian cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin and American astronaut Nick Hague. They pulled the exam and signed their receipt. The feature space of the exam is that the crew learns about the job, when placed in the simulator vehicle. In the examination tickets — various contingencies that may occur in flight. If the astronauts will know what they can expect, the meaning of the exam will disappear.

In the backup crew commander Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko and canadian David Saint-Jacques. As explained in the press service of the CPC, doubles this time training examination do not pass, as passed the exams along with the crew of the previous mission in may 2018.

The integrated examination training, traditionally lasting for two days, began the crew yesterday.

For the first day of the exam «Boatmen» (call crew) prishlos to resolve the issue with the failure of UHF receiver (GPS), to detect and correct failure of the system to ensure oxygen station and manoeuvre the withdrawal of the ISS from space debris, as well as to deal with a crowded capacity of sewage-sanitary device.

In addition, the ticket to the future of the crew got an emergency — depressurization in the Russian segment of the ISS. The exam lasted about nine hours.

Preflight examination session crew started a month and a half before the start — at the end of August. The commander Alexei Ovchinin first passed the exam on the teleoperation control management docking of the space truck «Progress of MS» with the station. In addition, the crew has passed the exam in manual berthing and the relocation of the spacecraft «Soyuz MS» and the manual controlled descent and was «Standard flight day» — an exam on the Russian segment of the ISS.