The crew of the ISS will take in space plush Dachshund

© Photo : fgbu «NII CTC after Yu. a. Gagarin»the ISS Prime crew-astronauts 57/58 Nick Haig and Alex Ovchinin during examination comprehensive training. September 13, 2018The crew of the ISS will take in space plush Dachshund© Photo : fgbu «NII CTC after Yu. a. Gagarin»Subscribe to daily updates RIA Science

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Indicator of weightlessness, the crew of the spaceship «Soyuz MS-10» will be Teddy a Dachshund, said the commander Alexey Ovchinin before training examination at the cosmonaut training Center (CTC) named after Gagarin.The crew of the ISS will take in space plush Dachshund© Photo from the private archive of Anton Skopirovana Anton shkaplerov – about life on the ISS and travel to the moon

«As indicator of weightlessness will be a soft toy. First it was an owl, this time it will be a Dachshund,» said Ovchinin. The indicator is used for the astronauts in the spacecraft, rigidly fastened to the chair, could understand when it comes to weightlessness.

The most interesting experiment he called magnetic 3D bio-printer. «Our ship will fly the equipment, and Russia for the first time in space will conduct the experiment. We will try to print the fabric in this bio-printer», — said Ovchinin.

Alex Ovchinin will travel to the International space station along with NASA astronaut Nick Hague on 11 October on the ship «Soyuz MS-10». It will be the second flight of the «Soyuz» to the ISS.