The first helicopter MH-60R enlisted Navy Saudi Arabia

© Fotolia / ju_skzВертолет. Archival photoThe first helicopter MH-60R enlisted Navy Saudi Arabia© Fotolia / ju_skz

First American mnogozalny anti-submarine warfare helicopter MH-60R made by naval forces of Saudi Arabia, reported the Ministry of defence of the Kingdom in his microblog in the social network Twitter.

As noted in the defense Ministry, the emergence of the Saudi army «helicopter with excellent fighting qualities will strengthen the capacity of the Navy of the Kingdom to resist all the challenges and threats existing in the region.»

Take a helicopter to the factory in the United States came to the commander of the Navy of Saudi Arabia Fahd bin Abdullah al-Havili, who said that «supplies of helicopters of this type in the Saudi army are on schedule».

An agreement to supply ten helicopters MH-60R for the Saudi fleet with a cost of $ 145 million was part of the deal worth $ 1.9 billion, which the U.S. and Saudi Arabia announced in 2015.