The Metropolitan spoke about the «hundred years war» of the Patriarchate of Constantinople with Moscow

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in fotoreceptori Hilarion. Archival photoThe Metropolitan spoke about the «hundred years war» of the Patriarchate of Constantinople with Moscow© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

The head of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Hilarion spoke about the «war of the Patriarchate of Constantinople against Moscow», which is already 100 years old.

«War of the Patriarchate of Constantinople against Moscow continues nearly a hundred years… Today, history repeats itself. Again, as in the time of Patriarch Tikhon, send us to their exarchs – supposedly to heal the schism, and in fact for its legitimization for the subsequent rejection of the Ukrainian Church from the Moscow Patriarchate. Traced the same logic: the use of complex situation does not for fraternal assistance, and to weaken the Russian Church by the rejection of her certain parts», — said Metropolitan Hilarion on his page in Facebook, commenting on the decision of the Synod of the ROC on Friday.

The Synod of the Russian Church on Friday gathered for an emergency meeting to give response to the recent appointment by the Patriarchate of Constantinople their exarchs to Ukraine is a canonical territory of the Moscow Patriarchate. The main results of the meeting of the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church were: the cessation of the commemoration of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople during the Patriarchal divine services, suspension concelebration with the hierarchs of the Church of Constantinople and out of structures, where preside or co-chair representatives of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. In fact, as stated by Metropolitan Hilarion, is «the severance of diplomatic relations».

«Why would Constantinople not to engage in the formation of «one local Church in America»? There isn’t an independent state? But no, all efforts are being made to hold at least a part of the American Orthodoxy in the orbit of Constantinople, not to give the Orthodox of North America to unite into a complete and powerful Autocephalous structure. Why? Yes, because their do not want to lose. A stranger is not a pity,» wrote Hilarion.

He recalled that in the 1920-ies, when the Russian Church was persecuted, when he shot the bishops and priests, blew up churches, closed theological schools and monasteries, «Constantinople demanded the dismissal of Patriarch Tikhon and the «at least temporary» the abolition of the Patriarchate, supported by the Renovationist schism, and kept up a correspondence with the leaders of both zhivotserkovnik, entered into relations with Soviet officials to undermine the canonical Church.»

«Without the knowledge of Patriarch Tikhon Constantinople had intended to send a «delegation» to the USSR, ostensibly to study the situation, and in fact – for the formal legalization of the revisionist pseudo-hierarchy… Then fully manifested aggressive tendencies of Constantinople. From the Moscow Patriarchate was unlawfully seized by Polish, Finnish and Estonian Church in the Diaspora was established the Exarchate of Russian parishes under the jurisdiction of Constantinople. This story is detailed in the book of doctor of historical Sciences Mikhail Shkarovsky «the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the Russian Orthodox Church in the first half of the XX century», — said the Bishop.

In 1990-e years, he recalled, the Russian Church faced the difficulties associated with the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union. «And then Constantinople did not remain in side: received into the fellowship of the Ukrainian dissenters from the United States and Canada, has established its jurisdiction in Estonia, repeatedly tried to interfere in Ukraine», — said Metropolitan Hilarion. He urged to pray for the canonical Ukrainian Church headed by Metropolitan of Kiev Onufriy, the destruction of which, according to him, today abandoned «hell», and about the measures to heal the schism in Ukraine is «not using his legitimacy, through repentance and the admonition of those who’ve fallen away from the unity of the Church.»