The Prosecutor requested eight years enlisted in the IG* a student from Dagestan

© Fotolia / sebraСтатуэтка goddess of justice Themis. Archival photoThe Prosecutor requested eight years enlisted in the IG* a student from Dagestan© Fotolia / sebra

The state Prosecutor demanded eight years in prison for a student of architectural College, a native of Dagestan Victoria Buyanovo in the case of participation in the activities of the «Islamic state»*, reported RIA Novosti her lawyer Alexander Pankov.

«The state Prosecutor demanded eight years in a General regime colony. We believe that the court can step outside and assign it a penalty below the lower and to use the article for purpose of probation. She has two young children, she has suffered», — said Pankow.

According to the lawyer, the Prosecutor in the debate change the story of qualifying charges: the second part of the article 205.5 (participation in a terrorist organization) on the second part of article 208 of the criminal code (participation in an armed formation).

«That is informed consciously was inflated charges. And changing the article is the first step to prescription of a minimum punishment», — said Pankow, adding that Buyanova «of those who arrived from Syria on Board (authorities sent the detained there are girls on the territory of Russia), received the most serious charges.»

On Friday the Moscow district military court (MOVS) held a debate of the parties in the case in which the Prosecutor asked to appoint Buyanovo punishment for participation in the activities of ISIS* in Syria.

The girl pleaded guilty that «was in the war, was married twice and provided their husbands». However, Buyanova denied that he had provided medical assistance to militants.

Buyanovo was initially charged with «participation in activity of the terrorist organization» and she faced up to 20 years in prison. Now, the Prosecutor asked to convict her on a lesser article, where the maximum sentence is 15 years in prison. According to the indictment, the girl was studying architecture at College and worked in one of the fast food restaurants in the shopping center «Warsaw», where he met with radical islamisten, who persuaded her to flee to Syria. After crossing the Syrian border she was taken to the camp for women at Raqqa, where she took an oath of allegiance to the leader of ISIS in Abu Bakr, and then she picked up her husband, assistant surgeon named al Bara, from which her daughter was born. The Prosecutor says that with him she was provided medical assistance to militants. After the death of her husband she re-married a native of Makhachkala, born in 1990, who served in the IG* the position of a Sharia judge — Qadi. From him she bore a son.

Buyanovo daughter from his first marriage now lives in Moscow with her grandmother and grandfather, they have issued over it guardianship, and her son remained in Syria with his father, their fates are participants in the process are unknown.

Earlier, the father of Victoria Bulakan Buyanov told the court that his daughter initially told that he was going to Syria to study Arabic and Islam, but in the end, she never studied and was in the house. Then they tried to leave Syria with the children, but the second husband took Victoria’s son, and she herself put in jail. According to father, she was able to bribe the Kurds, who handed it over to government forces and those of the Russian. As stated by Budyanov, his daughter voluntarily surrendered, to save their children.

According to him, Victoria had no contact with radical Islamists, was not involved in the IG* and constantly tried to return to Russia immediately after arriving in Syria.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia