They deserve it! Open, which gave ten trillion dollars

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At Harvard University (USA) in 28 times gave major scientific awards — the IG Nobel prize, awarded for research that «first make laugh and then reflect.” This year marked by work on the effectiveness of voodoo magic against the bosses, the dangers of cannibalism and the treatment of urolithiasis attractions. In addition to the statuette and a diploma, each winner will receive ten trillion dollars — Zimbabwe dollars.

Unconventional therapies

The prize for medicine went to David Wartinger and Mark Mitchell from the University of Michigan, who proposed to get rid of kidney stones on a roller coaster. The researchers argue that it helps 70% of patients. And more chances for those who sit in the last car of the train, to 64%. Effectiveness in head coach four times less — only 16 percent.

As accurate data were obtained empirically: scientists, armed with models of the kidneys, which in total was 174 stone, a few days ride at Disneyland on a roller coaster.

Their colleagues from the University of Oregon — the winners in the category «Reproductive technology” — also favor non-traditional approach in medicine. They offered to diagnose male impotence with the help of stamps. Four stamps are glued to a strip and wrapped around the penis at rest. If in the morning the ring will be broken, then the patient night had an erection, and impotence — the psychic nature.

For an effective and original method for the diagnosis of Shnobelevki also gained a Japanese doctor Akira Horiuchi, learn sitting to perform a colonoscopy — the inspection of the surface of the colon with an endoscope. According to Horiuchi, it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance: the patient should sit on a chair in front of the monitor, in the right hand hold the remote control of the endoscope, and left to try to insert it in the anus. Resourceful researcher won in the category «Medical education”.

The award in the category «Biology” also went to the Swedes — because they have discovered a new taste. Researchers a few days to drink seven professional sommeliers wine with flies. It was found that if the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster to drop in the Cup and then quickly removed, people will still be able to recognize the taste of insects. Biologists believe that humans can identify the taste of the pheromones emitted by flies. However, why would such a super power, they do not know.

Another advantage of homo sapiens — the incredible cleaning properties of saliva. For this discovery the Portuguese explorers awarded Shnobelem in chemistry. Trying to launder contaminated gilded statues of the XVI century, alternately white spirit, isooctane, diluted ammonia, toluene and the human saliva, the researchers concluded that saliva is most effective because it contained the enzyme alpha-amylase.

Study of yelling and swear words exchanged between drivers behind the wheel, brought the staff of the University of Valencia (Spain) IG Nobel peace prize. After analyzing more than a thousand cases of aggressive behavior of traffic participants, the researchers came to the conclusion that more and more eloquent than cursing people who are under stress. However, sometimes the level of aggression depends on the personality characteristics of drivers.

The most vital work was presented in the category «Literature”. Australian scientists from Quislings technological University found that almost nobody reads the instructions to the electric appliances and gadgets. A survey of 170 people showed that the majority learns about the features and capabilities of products only during their use. Among those who sometimes refers to manuals, dominated by the older generation, often men. Holders of higher education diplomas and academic degrees, tend to ignore instructions, as rely on their own knowledge.

They deserve it! Open, which gave ten trillion dollars© REUTERS / Brian SnyderТрусы for rats and man-goat: who and for what was awarded the IG Nobel prize