In Dagestan during the counterterrorist operation neutralized three militants

© Photo : national anti-terrorist comitetului law enforcement agencies during counter-terrorism RAID in Dagestan. Archive photoIn Dagestan during the counterterrorist operation neutralized three militants© Photo : national anti-terrorist Committee

Three militants neutralized in the course of those in Dagestan near the village of Talgi, the information center of the National antiterrorist Committee.

According to the report, in connection with obtaining security information about the planned terrorist crimes, from 5 am it was decided to conduct WHO on the territory Karabudakhkent and Buinaksk area of Republic of Dagestan.

«During search operations in the forested, mountainous terrain near the village of Talgi forces was discovered by a group of bandits composed of three persons, who in response to the offer to surrender, opened fire with automatic weapons. By the special forces of the FSB of Russia, the militants were neutralized,» the statement reads.

It is noted that in the field of battle were found weapons and ammunition. Victims among the civilian population and losses among the personnel of the security forces there.