Klimkin told about the existential conflict with Russia

© AP Photo / Geert Vanden WijngaertГлава Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo KlimkinKlimkin told about the existential conflict with Russia© AP Photo / Geert Vanden Wijngaert

The head of the Ukrainian foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said that Ukraine and the Russian Federation are in a state of existential conflict.

«There is no conflict that cannot be solved, but what is happening between us and the Russians, is the question of our existence, it’s an existential conflict, that is, it is completely different from when there is a struggle for something more,» the Minister said at the forum «Yalta European strategy» in Kiev.

Klimkin added that he considers it unacceptable to compromise on the question «to be or not to be».

Earlier, the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry has already made controversial statements about Russia.

For example, Klimkin, after that Kiev will never put in the water, accused Moscow of the fact that she deprived the Republic of a water supply. «This is not Ukraine cut off Crimea from water, Russia did, by the power of cutting off the Crimea from Ukraine», — said the Minister.

Speaking about relations with Russia, he talked about the fact that the two countries are at war. «We need to understand the General reality, and that reality is that we are at war with Russia», — said Klimkin.

Relations between the two countries escalated after a coup in Ukraine in February 2014, when the European integration was declared a priority of Ukrainian foreign policy. In March of that year as a result of the referendum in which 97 percent of voters supported a return to the Russian Federation, Crimea became part of Russia, and in April, Moscow denounced the agreement with Kiev on the black sea fleet.