Moore assumed the position of Governor of the Tyumen region

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Rosenbergii potamanthidae in the Tyumen region Alexander moor at the inauguration ceremony. 14 Sep 2018Moore assumed the position of Governor of the Tyumen region© RIA Novosti / Sergey Rosenbergii the image Bank

The ceremony of inauguration to the position of Governor of the Tyumen region Alexander moor took place on Friday in the Palace of culture «Neftyanik» in the name of Sochi, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the regional government.

In may the mayor of Tyumen Alexander Moore to the position of acting Governor of the Tyumen region appointed by President Vladimir Putin. The former Governor Vladimir Yakushev, on 18 may, headed the Ministry of construction of Russia. In the past 9 September elections Moore scored 65,86% of the votes with a turnout of over 49%. On Thursday, the regional election Commission recognized the elections of the Governor of the region and adopted their results.

«Today, assuming the office of Governor of the Tyumen region, realize a high level of responsibility for the further development of the region and improving the quality of life of our fellow countrymen… I thank Mr. Yakushev, who for the last 12 years confidently led the region. We will retain continuity and the right guidance. It is important to continue the development of the region in the strategic areas of work for further investment, to preserve the reputation of the region,» said Moore.

He also thanked Putin for the trust and noted that the priority for the provincial governments have objectives that the President of the Russian Federation put in the may decree. He also expressed gratitude to the governors of Yamal and Yugra Natalia Komarova and Dmitry Artuhova and candidates for Governor Artem Zaitsev, Ivan Levchenko, Vladimir Piscalkino.

«Sure, regardless of party affiliation we are all in the same party – the party of the Tyumen region», concluded Moore.

The Chairman of the Tyumen regional Duma Sergey Korepanov, who presented Moore the Governor’s chain, expressed hope that the relations between the government of the region and the regional Duma, will continue. He also noted that the previously presented symbol of the highest officials of the region to the mayor (now the mayor) and Vladimir Yakushev (now the head of the Ministry of the Russian Federation). «In my opinion, with my light hand, they have made high. I wish for you the position of Governor was not the highest rung in your career ladder,» said Korepanov.

Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in the Urals Federal district, Nikolai Tsukanov handed Moore the book «Russia, looking to the future», which contains the texts of public speeches of the President, and added that the Governor will have to justify the trust of area residents.

«There are two professions the most difficult: the President and the Governor. Don’t know what the job of Governor, so I wish you physical health, patience, respect and understanding that you are the Governor of all residents of your area. All waiting for you to change the quality of human life,» — said cukanov.