Mother convicted in the United States booth will have to prove the relationship with my son to see it

© 2018 AFP / Christophe Archambault Russian businessman Viktor Bout. Archival photoMother convicted in the United States booth will have to prove the relationship with my son to see it© 2018 AFP / Christophe Archambault

Mother of Russian businessman Viktor bout, who is serving in the US 25-year prison sentence on charges of plotting conspiracy to kill Americans and support terrorism, because of an error by the us authorities will have to prove the relationship with his son to visit him in prison, told RIA Novosti on Friday, the wife of the Russian, Alla Bout.

Family of booth, who had not seen him for over six years and during this time spoke to him on the phone, going this fall to visit a Russian prison in Marion, Illinois.

Alla Bout and daughter Butov Lisa has already submitted this week, applications for a U.S. visa at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, where they said that since they are going to visit the prisoner, the answer from the American Embassy they will be able to get just 30 days, told RIA Novosti by phone on Friday, Alla Bout. However, with the visit to the United States Raisa Kuzminichna Booth, the octogenarian mother of the Russians, there was an unexpected obstacle, she said.

«To someone, even family, could visit Victor in prison, name and other personal information, including passport data, was made by the prison administration in the list of allowed visitors,» said the wife of a Russian businessman.

She added that her name and the name of the daughter of a Russian a long time in the list, there should be included the name Raisa Kuzminichna, together with them visited the booth during his trial in new York.

«Yesterday, I, as usual, called Victor, but I knew by his voice that he seems very concerned. It turned out that he asked the administration to provide him with acting at the moment, the list of allowed visitors, and found that Raisa Kuzminichna there is no» — said Alla Bout.

«The Victor there was a certain Ms. Aminova, listed as his mother,» she explained, adding that the prison administration could not explain how her name got into the list instead of the name of this mother’s booth.

«Who is Mrs. Aminov, neither I nor Victor, nor any of our relatives is unknown. The problem is that now, before to apply for us visa, Raisa Kuzminichna have documents to prove their kinship with the son. We are preparing the translation of the birth certificate of Victor, the marriage certificate of his parents and the other documents to do,» said the wife of the booth.

The name «Amines» along with the name of «Bulakin» and several names appeared in the indictment, and then in the request for extradition from Thailand and trial in the case of bout in new York as the aliases of Russian, which was obtained by U.S. intelligence «the operative way». Viktor Bout has repeatedly stated, including in an interview with RIA Novosti that none of these names has any relation to it: some of the names belong to real people, the famous booth business aviation, and some of them he first heard when he was read in Bangkok covering letter of the Embassy of the United States to request his extradition.

Russian businessman Viktor Bout was arrested on March 6, 2008, in the Wake of the provocative operations of the American special services on the territory of Thailand, and two years later shipped out of the country to the US with violations of local and us law. Later, a jury in new York convicted him in the preparation of the conspiracy to murder American citizens, illegal circulation of means of antiaircraft defence and material support of terrorism, and the Russian was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Booth pleaded not recognized on any of the charges. To date, the Russian citizen is in prison more than 10 years. Two years of this time he spent in Thai prisons and eight in the us.