On Saturday in Russia, completed a further period exam-2018

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in fotobanka exam. Archival photoOn Saturday in Russia, completed a further period exam-2018© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

Reserve day to pass the unified state examination (use) in Russian language and mathematics basic level completes 15 September additional exam period in 2018, said the press service of Rosobrnadzor.

«To pass the exam in basic mathematics, in this day plan 1934 of the person, Russian language – the 102 participants. Exams will take place in 74 regions»,- stated in the message.

It is noted that to monitor the progress of the exam will be 187 public observers.

«The duration of the exam on the Russian language – 3 hours 30 minutes (210 minutes). The work consists of two parts and contains 26 tasks. The minimum number of points the exam on the Russian language for graduation – 24. The minimum passing threshold below which can not establish the passing score institutions of higher education, 36 points,» – follows from the release.

In Rosobrnadzor said that the examination work in mathematics basic level includes 20 jobs, its implementation is given 3 hours (180 minutes), performance is evaluated on a five-point scale for passing the exam is sufficient to gain three points.

Your results the exam participants will know no later than September 28.

A further exam-2018 runs from 4 to 15 September. To pass the exams in the September time frame are eligible students who have not passed the state final certification after the 11th grade, or an unsatisfactory result for one or both required courses. Graduates of last years and graduates received a certificate of secondary General education in 2017, seeking to improve previously obtained satisfactory results, to participate in the exam in the September time frame are not allowed.